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"Power Boost", Power Innovation for Electric Cars

Good day:
  I can speak English, Spanish & Italian, I though about the "Power Boost" some time after I read this on April 16, 2015:
Toyota engineer doubts electric cars will spread even with rapid chargers, from :
I could not believe one of the biggest car makers throw the towel from making Electric Vehicles, I search the web for some time to see if anyone have come up with a similar idea about the "Power Boost" but did not happen.
News flash we are on the brink of a escalate conflict around the areas where the world gets most of the Crude Oil, if any mayor event happen there the pumps around the world will start running out of gasoline (not in South Africa, SASOL is making gasoline from "Coal") and people will look for other ways of transport; We mustn't wait for something like this to happen, because then it will be to late  We have to cut our the dependence on Fossil Fuels, without polluting.
But same time cut ASAP the production of huge Lithium - Ion batteries for EV because: As great as lithium is for batteries, it has a dark side as well: The stuff is downright nasty. Lithium is flammable and highly reactive, as anyone who has seen photos of burning a Tesla can attest, but that’s the least of our worries. The EPA has linked the use of extremely powerful solvents in the creation of lithium electrolytes and cathodes to everything from cancer to neurological problems. Specifically, the cobalt used in the creation of the most energy dense lithium-ion batteries is poisonous and extremely carcinogenic. Pulmonary, neurological, and respiratory problems have all been connected to cobalt exposure.
Read more: Your Tesla may look sleek and clean on the outside, but you owe it to everyone to know the real cost
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All the electric cars that been build up to date, they been wasting “power”, the power of the “wind”, the wind created by the EV in motion; As soon 80km/h are reach there is enough wind power to run small Hi Tech wind turbines situated in the back of the EV at the edge of the boot where a spoiler, look a like Subaru Impreza style will hold them tight and then they will start charging the batteries; The faster the EV go over 80km/h the more power the small turbines will provide to the batteries, once the battery is almost  full the wind turbines will slow down (like the big brother wind turbines in any house)protecting the batteries from over charging.  
Even EVs have concerns, such as the higher upfront cost for consumers, variances in battery life and range anxiety.
What can tech innovators and automotive OEMs do to drive greater pull for EVs and make it mainstream:
For one, they could focus on innovating upon key consumer concerns:
Reduce upfront cost (EV with "Power Boost" will use 1/2 the size battery pack reducing it cost)
Increase battery life ("Power Boost" never let the battery be depleted, extending the battery life)
Address range anxiety ("Power Boost"will give the EV a range bigger than any "Tesla" without a  1,200 lb (540 kg) battery Pack on the floor of the EV, that in a roll over accident the support of the roof will colapse flaten the EV killing all the ocupants; So the bateries of the EV are not only bad for the environment (can't be burn or burried), they are dangerous to drive with;                                "Power Bost" could be the "Holly Grail" for electric cars that we all where looking for;        Thousands of technicians around the world are working to develop a better electric car,               How they did not though of such a simple and effective idea like the  "Power Boost ".
Innovation goes beyond battery or fuel cell technology and infrastructure focus. Efficiency can be greatly improved by adopting technologies that improve power conversion. For example, improving power conversion can reduce battery size requirements, like the "Power Boost".
The core technologies for the future of transportation are mostly in place or are being invented right now. It’s now up to society to wield markets and unleash human capital and ingenuity to make our transportation networks truly smart and sustainable. Climate change strategies, fuel efficiency regulations, a price on carbon and the rollout of renewable energy technologies are just the beginning. A lot more change is coming – and those that embrace the future, the now, are most likely to truly benefit.
Electric vehicle innovations: A market snapshot
All the electric car makers are having problems extending the range of the  full electric cars:  We know the battery technology did not advance as far as it should be, not even “Tesla Motors” cars can do more than 600km without recharging, the Tesla Model S weighs 4,647 pounds = 2107,844kg with a battery pack that weighs 1,200 lb    (540 kg) and have a replacement cost of $45,000 and a life span of 100000miles (if charge properly). The A3 e-tron All-Electric has a 26.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, Range 148 kilometres (92 mi), charge in  2,5 hours with a 3,7 kW station, in any normal plug will be, hours @ 110v/220v), 3:45.

 Some thing that call my attention is why the electric cars don't have the roof with very efficient solar panels like the ones build by The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE they have a new record in efficiency of 44.7% was measured at a concentration of 297 suns. This indicates that 44.7% of the solar spectrum's energy, from ultraviolet through to the infrared, is converted into electrical energy. This is a major step towards reducing further the costs of solar electricity with a layer of Plexiglas to protect the solar cells. Everybody knows there are thousands more cars on the roads but the roads are not getting any bigger, so we are doom to be stuck in traffic, here is where the solar cells come handy they will recharge the batteries of the car while moving or not through the traffic as the people inside use the Air Con without running out the battery, once the road clear and reach a minimum speed of 50miles/h the power boost will start powering the car with real Kw into the battery pack allowing the car to reach it destination without stopping for charge the batteries .                                                                                                                 

"Power Boost"(once develop) could be use by the Formula 1 teams, to keep their batteries charged for longer, so they can use the electric power to accelerate more often & longer. As Thomas Weber (board member of Daimler and head of R&D at Mercedes) says “We are curious about innovation that can make us progress and go faster in the future”.              Take it from:  

What “Power Boost” is and what is all about?                                                                                                                           “Power Boost is the way Future Electric Vehicles will have extra power, to reach it destination without the need to stop in a doggy place to charge and wait at least 2 hours for the car to be ready to run again and you have it here today;          Till more Hi Tech batteries are developed and at the same time more environment friendly, this will be the only way to go for electric cars to reach a far destination anywhere they will be.                                                                     
  “Power Boost” could be use by electric bikes & Super bikes. 
  “Power Boost” are small “Wind Turbines” that look alike to the computer cooling fans but they will be much bigger as I show in the photos below, they will be situated into the spoiler where it should fit like a ring, for the turbines to be capable to resist 125miles/h winds +, they should be made of aluminium or carbon fibre, the fins of the turbine should be made in a similar composite that “Boing” use in theirs Jumbo Jet Turbines, the magnet should be the most power full and the Stator should be made in a “Double Helix” design as the DNA Double Helix and should have the most rotations of copper wire or super conductive metal man ever made. This small Wind Turbine will be the one with the  most output in the world for it size. In the spoiler of the photo you could put 5 “Power Boost” at the same time that will give you minimum 60kw + at 2000 rev.

This New Double Helix design for the New Stator that together with the most strong magnet will give the most out put of energy for a Small Wind Turbine in the world:

There is in the market a home wind turbine with these specs, so is just for any technical department to make it happen:

·         AWEA Rated Power: 8.9 kW at 11 m/s (24.6 mph)

·         AWEA Rated Annual Energy: 13,800 kWh at 5 m/s (11 mph)

·         Start-up Wind Speed: 3.4 m/s (7.5 mph)

·         Max. Design Wind Speed: 60 m/s (134 mph)

The second Generation of the” Power Boost” will be invisible to the public view; More Hi Tech, smaller & smarter the spoiler will rise and lower by instructions of the car computer after checking that the minimum speed is been acquire and the weather outside won’t damage the “Power Boost “turbines, and it will lower itself once the maximum speed that the turbines can resist been reach; If any of the turbines malfunction it will be automatically disengage leaving the other 4 to keep powering the car so the occupants will reach a safe place before the batteries run out.

I did not apply for any patent for my invention that will be for your company to apply after making the prototype.            I want to show to all the Car Makers in the world how to make electric cars with fewer batteries that can go further than any Electric car from Tesla Motors, same time reducing the Carbon Print of every car maker in the world.

My plan is after share this information with all the Car Makers in the World, then I will make a documentary for       U-Tube showing my invention and how it should work for all the public to know so they can try to apply my idea to all the electric cars already on the roads.

First let me show you what I found in the web that will never work;
 Why people will want to put huge turbines in the roof?
 They never hear about "Drag" or  "Aerodynamic co-efficiency"
Any object in the roof will disturb the stream line created by the car traveling more than 100km/h, creating a huge drag, that's why is more efficient traveling with a trailer than putting the same amount of the trailer in the roof of your vehicle.
 The best Idea, is install these Powerful small turbines in the border of the boot, where the object wont disturb the stream line and contribute to nullify the turbulence that usually happens in the back that cause  a kind of "Drag" at high speeds, even better if they are situated inside a spoiler like the one I show you with 5 air intakes, did you see the thickness of the spoiler, it give you good space to put a small but thick size turbine with a big powerful magnet and a Hi Tech Stator that should give you no less than 10kw at a minimum speed of 80km/h, the power given is relative to the size of the magnet and the quality of the stator and for sure the revs a minute generated by the wind.

As you can see the computer fans  came in many different sizes, at the end of the day the prototype of the
the “Power boost “turbine look, will fit like a ring inside every square of the spoiler and will be much more thicker so it can hold a very strong magnet  with the new hi-tech Stator. Never to be on the roof  of any EV.
Never to be carrying a 85kw battery that weighs 540 kg and cost to replace 45000 dollars like the one on the Tesla S .

Power Innovation, Attention David L. Anderson, Technology Development Manager

Good day, Thank you for taking time to respond to my E-Mail and my Idea of the “Power  Boost”;

I come up with this idea 6 month ago after reading how much car makers struggle to make EV go long distance without using a battery that weigh 540kg like in the Tesla S. I don’t know if I have more imagination than others but I’m use to finding solutions for anything that challenge me, 2years ago I told an Idea to my wife to how to put her knowledge in the “Cloud” then let others pay to access her knowledge, she only now is thinking about it, after see it happening around her.

Then I  read this:Toyota engineer doubts electric cars will spread even with rapid chargers, from :                                                                                                                                    And I could not just let it happen without trying to find a solution, we have the technology to make it happen, is just need the right people coming together to make it happen.

I’m not surprise of you saying: The aerodynamic drag introduced by such an arrangement requires more energy to overcome than the electrical energy that can be produced; That I cannot denied, for that reason I explain in my Blog where I wrote my idea for everyone to try it if they believe it can be done.                       It won’t be like blow and make bottles, first having access to a wind tunnel, then make a few different type of turbines without the magnet or stator that will allow more air going throw without causing so much drag but at the same time been turn freely like the turbo in any engine, the Spoiler (Subaru impreza look alike) will help to concentrate the air. Inside the wind tunnel it could be easy calculated and visualize with the smoke running over the car how much drag is causing by the different turbo fans, first at 80km/h, then 120km/h, then 150km/h then the proper turbine it will be found that cause not so much drag but could reach minimum 2000rev/min and a max of “X” before it could get damage by the high revs, that’s why the final prototype must be made with composite materials like carbon fiber.

Once the prototype turbine is made, you must start thinking about the strongest magnet and superconductor copper or better element superconductor to go around the stator; I will be happy If the Power boost can give the EV 50% more range, then you can introduce it to the public.

As always happen, once is prove that the “Power Boost” is not Science Fiction but a Science Fact,                                                                                                   Car makers of EV will try to make the “Power Boost”, Smart it, smaller & more powerful.

EV with the “Power Boost” should not need heavy batteries pack on the floor of the car that later in an accident that the car roll, the supports of the roof will never stand the weigh and collapse on the occupants killing them; I would like to know if the Tesla S is been test in a rolling accident at 120km/h with the batteries on the floor with a weigh of 540kg the expectation of any surviving that accident is “0”,and that car can reach almost 200km/h, ouch!

I just say to all my friends remember when this man come up with the idea of the “Velcro” no one took him serious, they say “there is no use for that at all”, 10 years later the “Velcro” start been use everywhere even in “Space Suits”.

Albert Einstein say:  Imagination is more important than knowledge                                                                                                                                                       A car designer, an expert in aerodynamics and master in power generation could make “Power Boost” a reality, showing mankind to not to be afraid to buy a EV and same time helping the Environment;      Daimler will invest 500 million Euros in a new lithium -ion battery factory in Germany, imagine the pollution that will be created, then dealing with the recycle of the batteries, ouch!

Hopefully in less than 10years someone will develop the “Power Boost” and develop a battery that not only will hold energy but produce it “Plasma Energy” (Remember ‘Imagination’); Fossil fuels won’t last much, 20 to 30 years for Crude Oil, 40 to 80 years for Coal. South Africa has one of the biggest reserves of Coal in the World and “SASOL” SA produce Crude Oil from Coal for more than 25years. 

Kind Regards:

Diego Singer

There is already a small wind turbine for houses that produces 10kw an hour at 2000 rev per minute:

          Here are the Specs of an already in the market wind turbine, the new “Power Boost” should double this specs :
·         AWEA Rated Power: 8.9 kW at 11 m/s (24.6 mph)
·         AWEA Rated Sound Level: 42.9 dB(A)
·         AWEA Rated Annual Energy: 13,800 kWh at 5 m/s (11 mph)
·         Start-up Wind Speed: 3.4 m/s (7.5 mph)
·         Cut-in Wind Speed: 2.5 m/s (5 mph)
·         Nominal Power: 10 kW @ 12 m/s (27 mph)
·         Cut-Out Wind Speed: None

·         Furling Wind Speed: 15.6 m/s (35 mph)

·         Max. Design Wind Speed: 60 m/s (134 mph)

·         Rotor Diameter: 7 m (23 ft.)

·         Blade Pitch Control: None, Fixed Pitch

·         Overspeed Protection: AUTOFURL

·         Gearbox: None, Direct Drive

·         Temperature Range: -40 to +60 Deg. C (-40 to +140 Deg. F)

·         Generator: Permanent Magnet Alternator
"If there is a will there is a way" We need more environment friendly batteries that not only will hold energy but they will produce it by some kind of reaction internally, once we discover them we will be a step closer to defying the gravity of earth and making that elusive flying cars.

If you have any queries about the "Power Boost"  and the "Double Helix Stator" you are welcome to contact me at :

Kind Regards:
Diego singer

Today I see on the news of that in Uganda Kiira motors unveils an Africa first solar bus a 35-seater bus, known as the "Kayoola", can travel up to 50 miles straight and is powered by two batteries. Once is connected to solar panels on the roof;

The panels in the roof of the bus look like the size is 1.5m by 1m and that is the size for a 200w panel it got 10 so it maximum output will be 2000=2kw (in a good day), even if they where 400w panels the 10 panels on the roof  will only give 4000w=4kw to carry 35 people for 80km, never.

The little Nissan EV “Leaf” has a 90kw=90000w lithium –ion battery and the range is 106 km (66 miles) for an 80% charge (Long-Life Mode charging).

How a Bus carrying 35 people will do 80km range with only a few Solar panels that they never will give  more than 10kw=10000w?

Please that Bus is a “Scam”, it will draw investors then the CEO will take the money and run.

Check the facts properly before putting something in National TV;

Regards: Diego Singer


From: Nathan Matlock <>To: Sent: Friday, May 20, 2016 6:23 PMSubject: Diego, are you abandoning the " Power Boost " for Electric Vehicles?

I was looking through our file on your idea and was wondering if you've done anything with your idea. Have you been able to get someone interested in paying you for it? If not, I'd like to talk with you about it.

We have new payment options that may help you get your idea back on track and in front of a company!
When you have a minute, give me a call at the number below or provide me with a number where I can reach you later today.
Creatively Yours,

  Hi Nathan
For sure I’m not abandoning mi idea of the power boost for Electric vehicles because that will be the only way electric cars will go really further, now BMW look like it catch a wake up or someone from BMW read my Blog: because now BMW is putting in their electric vehicles solar panels; Like I explain in my blog on February 2016 how many hours thousands of people are stuck in the highways all around the world, polluting the environment without even moving, but if that cars where hybrids or electric with solar panels in the roof, the can use that hours to charge the batteries, and at the same time the occupants of the EV can be comfortable inside the EV without worry of draining the battery that the car will need later to get home. Hopefully other people are experimenting with different types of turbines that in the future will give extra power to electric vehicles while in motion.

I’m been busy trying to find investors for a huge business idea that is been happening around the world but there is none in South Africa, in a few words once build it will have no competition only profits and with possibilities of expanding all over.

Last but not least, I see on TV how many times policeman are ambush and kill in their cars here in South Africa and in the USA and I come up with an Idea that will cost very little and will give a few seconds of protection for the policeman to get out of the ambush while these people are shooting at them, most of the time they will use the Israeli UZI that use 9mm bullets, or normal semi auto 9mm guns. My point is any normal Kevlar vest will stop that bullets for a few seconds, once the damage in the vest become critical the bullets will go throw. Like I explain to a Mayor Commandant of SAPS, let’s get all the Kevlar vest that for one reason or another policeman are replacing with new ones, that old Kevlar vest can still been use to armour the doors of many Police cars, if you ask me how to hold them I will Pop Rivet them, the Driver door and the partner door won’t look so pretty but 500% more safe. That will be the cars to send to doggy places, shoot outs, etc , etc. So let’s try to save the lives of the Policemen all over the world and use all the vest that will be destroy to put to a good use, remember the doors of the Police cars, policemen using them as shield in any confrontation forgetting that are like tin cans giving a false sense of protection. Please make some calls, talk to the more important people in the police force, find out what happen with all the Kevlar vest and explain that there is a way to use them again to save lives of Policemen.

Keep well:

Diego Singer